Momentous Opportunities Arising For New Era of Exploration

Discovery accomplished throughout the year of 2012,
Most of the world acts intimidated by the truth

The universe is full of surprises, it’s all far more incredible than the establishment could ever give it credit for. Life is a most precious gift and wasn’t a random act left to chance. Humanity does have clear purpose, we are meant to travel far beyond earth. Exploring and learning more than any of us thought would ever be possible, limitless possibilities. Once you know the truth it’s easy to see how nothing is impossible. Reality is a bigger blessing than we could’ve imagined. Freedom is key, liberty is not a construct. It’s embedded into the fabric of our very existence.


The Man Behind The Discovery

Logan Madaras achieved the discovery of terrestrial planetary formation unveiling how earths are being created in March of 2012 at only the age of 22 and without any formal education beyond high school. What begun as a productive hobby of scientific research became much more than anybody expected. After two years of breakthroughs, in one night the world was changed forever and ever since has been working on getting the science established.
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Not Being Deemed As Theoretical

The reasons for the refusal to deem this as nothing more than a theory is due to the sufficient amount of data that has made this conclusive. It will only be a matter of time before the scientific community catches on to the validity of these findings.
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