What causes planetary shifts to occur every 570 million years?

All of what we are able determine are from the tangible results of the process. Its complexity is much greater than simply large asteroid collisions. From Io to Triton we can see that there is a planetary expand and condense cycle. It’s a strong possibility that the cores of these astronomical bodies serve an important role in the overall development of the to be earth planets.

How does the embryonic earth escape the Jovian atmosphere?

That cannot be conclusively answered. Scientists are still unable to explain why the “great red spot” is red. What I would imagine in basic terms it’s possible a massive upheaval from deep within the planet causes it to get expelled from the atmosphere into orbit around Jupiter.

Since the nebular hypothesis is widely accepted than why should we trust in your results?

Despite it being developed with severely limited data, the biggest flaw with the standardized hypothesis for planetary formation is how it has failed over the centuries to explain how 1cm planetesimals could coalesce into 1km. My work is the first of its kind fully developed after space exploration has been achieved and what I’ve focused solely on in this discovery is terrestrial planetary formation. I don’t have any complete theories as to how the Jovian planets or the rest of the solar system formed. The study of exoplanets should help us get much closer to those truths.

What’s the main differences between your work and the standardized theory of planetary formation?

The nebular hypothesis was first developed in the 1700s by Immanuel Kant. He tried to formulate a theory that could explain the formation of the entire solar system. The “planetary life cycle of liberty” is the only completely alternate hypothesis developed after the past centuries that can better explain terrestrial planetary formation according to the vast amounts of data that have become available since human space exploration begun around the mid 1900s.