Venus: A Fallen World

Venus was an Earth-Like World Over 550,000,000 Years Ago

Venus is only 400 miles smaller than earth’s diameter. The VEX probe proved it’s very likely Venus once had “plate-tectonics” and so therefore it’s conclusive to say there were oceans as well. It’s also well known volcanic eruptions resurfaced the entire planet 500-600 million years ago. The planet is upside-down and spins backwards so it’s really easy to tell an astronomical catastrophe occurred. Even to this day there is evidence of ongoing volcanic activity.



“On all of Venus there are about 1000 craters, an unusually small number. The crater statistics tell us that although the planet is (supposedly) 4.6 billion years old, nothing on its surface is older than roughly 0.5 billion years. Almost all of Venus’s history is a blank slate. It looks as if half a billion years ago, all of Venus’s surface was replaced.”read more

Evident Remnants of ‘All Seven Continents’

Reason for flipping topography map upside down:

“The axial tilt of Venus is 177.3°. That’s a bit of a confusing number, so let’s figure out what’s going on here. Compare this number to the Earth’s axial tilt of 23.5°.A full circle is 360°. Half a circle is 180°. So if you subtract 177.3° from 180°, you get 2.7°. In other words, Venus is actually only tilted away from the plane of the ecliptic by only 2.7°. Venus is actually completely upside down – almost perfectly upside down. In fact, Venus is the only planet in the Solar System that rotates backwards compared to the other planets.”

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 Probe hints Venus once had oceans and plate tectonics

"Europe’s Venus Express orbiter suggests that some of the planet’s surface is made of granite, which on Earth needs water and plate tectonics to form.”

“Granite is the signature rock of the continents.” 

“Venus is often called a ‘Twin’ to Earth, but we know that that really isn’t the case except for its diameter and mass. Ancient observers once called it Lucifer (‘The goddess of Light’) who later became associated with the ruler of Hell. In fact given the surface temperature of Venus, it is not a bad analogy for this horrific abode within our own solar system. Rather than a twin of Earth, it is more like the antithesis of Earth in nearly ever way we can now scientifically quantify.” –NASA


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